$10 Adoption Special
All animals, 6 months or older, can be adopted for just $10. We are also fostering dogs for space. Come to the shelter to select any adult animal.
 Storm Ready?
Take our readiness quiz here. RSVP for the Oct. 25 training to join our volunteer corps to run pet friendly emergency shelters. Go here to make sure you have all the supplies you need to be ready.
PetWalk 2014
PetWalk 2014 raised more than $295,000. Check out the event photos here.
Give every animal the second chance they deserve!    
Donate a new toy for an orphaned animal from October 1 to November 20 at these locations

Kitten Alert
Keep newborns and their mothers together and resist temptation to intervene. If the mother has not returned after several hours,  here are instructions to care for and socialize kittens until they are at least 8 weeks old when they can be sterilized by the Humane Society and made available for adoption.  
Candidates running for office speak out on animal issues.

Heroes of the Heart