Wildlife and Livestock

Hawaiian Humane is referring wildlife or livestock to organizations with the expertise to care for them and in most cases are not admitting them to our shelter. Wildlife includes but is not limited to: wild birds, ducks, stray turtles, mongoose, stray pigs, wallabies, stray peafowl, free-roaming chickens and wild rodents. Livestock includes, but is not limited to, any horse, cow, goat, sheep, donkey, or pig. We remain an amnesty drop-off site for illegal pets.

If you have found a Sea Bird, please call us at  356-2250 for specific Sea Bird resources.

While the Hawaiian Humane Society advocates for the humane treatment of all animals, we don’t have the expertise or the facilities to meet the needs of wild animals, livestock or aquatic animals.

What are the alternatives?

Wild Birds

Stray Freshwater Turtles



  • Currently, there are not any organizations or agencies that address concerns regarding mongoose on Oʻahu.


Feral/Stray Pigs

Stray Peafowl

Free-roaming Chickens

  • There is currently no agency or organization for free-roaming chickens on O’ahu.

Small Mammals

  • We do not accept wild rodents or wild rabbits.