Pet Trusts – Forever Loved

Your Family Pet, Forever Loved.

Knowing your pets are cared for if anything were to happen to you can bring enormous peace of mind. And you want to have them well cared for the rest of their lives.

We hold pets as family members and provide the best in love, companionship and joy to them every day, as you would. We pride ourselves on love while they’re here and loving adoptive homes—finding great new homes for them to live out their lives in comfort and companionship. We also follow up on our adoptions to make sure everything’s going well. Our Outreach and Education program is tops, too. We have so many ways to help your pet receive quality care and be Forever Loved.

Forever Loved automatically enrolls you in the Helen Kīnaʻu Wilder Legacy Society with all of its benefits to you and your pet:

  • Your Pet Profile, including a written letter to the new caregiver, will guide Hawaiian Humane Society staff in finding your pet an ideal placement.
  • Hawaiian Humane staff will be available to pick up your pet anywhere on the island of Oʻahu if the owner is unable to make arrangements.
  • Upon arrival, your pet will be examined by Hawaiian Humane veterinarians and behavior experts to receive medical care, vaccinations and behavior training as needed.
  • Ideally within 24 hours, your pet will be placed in our foster care program and be cared for in a volunteer’s home until a permanent home can be found.
  • Hawaiian Humane will attempt to place pairs of pets together, but cannot guarantee it will always be possible. The program is limited to four pets.
  • Hawaiian Humane staff will screen potential adopters using information from the Pet Profile and will follow up post adoption to verify the placement is working well.

The Hawaiian Humane Society will care for each pet in accordance with responsible and compassionate ownership practices. That means that Hawaiian Humane might have to make the difficult recommendation to humanely euthanize a pet if its quality of life becomes severely diminished or if our behavior experts determine the pet is aggressive and not suitable for placement. Final decisions will be made by Hawaiian Humane’s Chief Veterinarian. Hawaiian Humane will spay/neuter and provide a microchip to all animals adopted through our adoption program to ease pet overpopulation and increase the likelihood of returning lost pets to their homes.

Enrolling your pet into the Forever Loved program will ensure the care, fostering and ultimately the adoption of your companion animal upon your passing. Hawaiian Humane Society kindly requests a gift in your will or trust in an amount that will help us care for your beloved pet as well as homeless animals who are looking for care and a new home.

  • Suggested minimums for dogs or cats are $25,000 if under the age of 5, and $50,000 if over the age of 5 – per animal.
  • Suggested minimums for birds are $50,000 if under the age of 10, and $75,000 if over the age of 10 – per bird.
  • Other animals are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire with our Development team by contacting

Steps for enrolling your pet in Forever Loved:

  1. Include a gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society as part of your estate plan.
    • Please provide a copy of your will or trust noting the name of the trust, signatories and date signed, and section noting pet names and gift amounts.
  2. Complete the Pet Enrollment form.
  3. Fill out a detailed Pet Profile for each animal (up to four pets) and include photos.

Hawaiian Humane Society IRS non-profit designation number: 99-0073490
Fun fact: The IRS recognized the Hawaiian Humane Society as a non-profit in August, 1943.

For additional information or for questions you may have, please call 808-356-2252 or email