Feral Cat Sterilizations

Hawaiian Humane Society supports responsible Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM), a humane and effective long-term strategy to reduce the number of cats at large and improve their quality of life. Those caring for free-roaming cats are independent caregivers and not Hawaiian Humane volunteers. Free-roaming cats are a diverse population that can include feral, abandoned, lost and owned pets that are allowed outdoors. Any outdoor cat may be someone's lost cat and the owner may have filed a lost report or visited the Society to look for her. Those who use the Hawaiian Humane's sterilization service are encouraged to seek landowner permission to care for cats.

When people trap, neuter and then return cats to their colonies, the population stabilizes and decreases as cats live out their natural lives without reproducing. As a result, millions of unwanted kittens have been spared from life on the streets. Learn more about using 
humane traps, which can be borrowed from the Hawaiian Humane.

Due to limited appointments, this service is for feral cats, not owned pets. We encourage timely drop off and pick ups for this service as holding capacity is limited.

Spay/Neuter Service for Cats
• Read our Surgery Process Form, complete the 
Feral Cat Agreement and bring it with to the Admissions Center. 
• Call the cat information line at 356-2254 for available surgery dates.
• To schedule an appointment call 356-2239.

$25 per cat includes microchip

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