Dog Friendly Beaches

Hawaiian Humane Society compiled a list of dog friendly beaches.  Learn more about how the designation was determined.  For a list of dog friendly parks, click here. Read more about heat exhaustion in dogs. 

In order for the community to continue to support sharing the shoreline with dogs, great care must be taken to ensure responsibility and respect for all beach goers. Owners are responsible for their dog’s actions. The law requires that all dogs wear their county-issued license tag as identification and that pet waste must be disposed of. Violations can results in citations and fines issued by the police.

Dogs should never be left in cars unattended as temperatures can rise quickly. Call 911 to report any issue when people or animals are in immediate danger.

Beach Etiquette for Dog Owners

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • Take your dog home at the first sign of unfriendly behavior.
  • Puppies and dogs should be vaccinated and healthy.
  • Keep close supervision of your dog.
  • Dogs in estrus/heat should be left at home.
  • Pick up and dispose of your dog's waste.
  • Ensure your dog wears his County-issued license.

Dog Safety at the Beach

  • When taking your dog to the beach, make sure there is plenty of fresh water and shade.
  • Dogs can get sunburned just like humans, so limit your dog’s exposure to the hot sun and apply a zinc-free sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.
  • Be careful not to let your dog spend too much time on hot sand or asphalt. Dogs can burn their feet just as easily as we can.
  • Cool ocean water is very tempting to a dog. Don't allow your dog to drink seawater. This can cause diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.
  • Check with lifeguards for daily water conditions e.g. riptides. Dogs can be easy targets for jellyfish.
  • Swimming is a great form of exercise for dogs, but don't let them overdo it.
  • Running on a beach is strenuous exercise. If your dog is out of shape, don't encourage him to run on the sand.
  • The beach can present many hazards for you dog. Things to watch our for include boats, fishhooks, dead fish, garbage, and broken glass. Lava rock can be very sharp and can easily cut your dog's feet.

ALLOWED on Leash in All Beach Areas
Aukai Beach   Hauula
Gray’s (Halekulani) Beach   Waikiki
Haleaha Beach   Punaluu
Hanakailio Beach   Kahuku
Kaalawai Beach   Diamond Head
Kahala Beach   Kahala
Kahuku Golf Course Beach   Kahuku
Kaihalulu Beach   Kahuku
Kailua Beach   Kailua
Kaipapau Beach   Hauula
Kaiwi Coastline (from the Alan Davis Ranch wall towards Makapu’u Point)
Kakela Beach   Hauula
Kaloko Beach
Kaluahole Beach   Diamond Head
Kanenelu Beach   Kaaawa
Kapaeloa Beach   North Shore
Kawela Bay Beach
  North Shore
Kealia Beach
Kualoa Sugar Mill Beach
Kuilima Cove Beach
Laie Beach   Laie
Lanikai Beach   Kailua
Laniloa Beach   Laie
Mahakea Beach   Laie 
Makao Beach   Hauula
Makua Beach   Makua
Manner's Beach   Kahe
Mokuleia Army Beach   Mokuleia
Mokuleia Beach   Mokuleia
Niu Beach   Niu Valley
Oneawa Beach   Kailua
Outrigger Canoe Club Beach   Waikiki
Pahipahialua Beach   North Shore
Paiko Beach   Kuliouou
Punaluu Beach   Punaluu
Puuiki Beach   Mokuleia
Royal-Moana Beach   Waikiki
Turtle Bay Beach   North Shore
ALLOWED in Areas Below the High-tide Line
(Dogs can be on the ocean side of the debris line, which is often marked by seaweed.)
Aweoweo Beach Park   Mokuleia
Barbers Point Beach Park   Barbers Point
Camp Erdman Beach   Mokuleia
Chun’s Reef Beach   North Shore
Duke Kahanamoku (Fort DeRussy) Beach   Waikiki
Ewa Beach Park   Ewa Beach
Haleiwa Alii Beach Park   Haleiwa
Haleiwa Beach Beach Park   Haleiwa
Hau Tree Beach Park   Ewa Beach
Hauula Beach Park   Hauula
Hawaiian Electric Beach Park   Kahe
Kaaawa Beach Park   Kaaawa
Kahe Point Beach Park   Kahe
Kaiaka Bay Beach Park   Waialua
Kailua Beach Park   Kailua
Kaiona Beach Park   Waimanalo
Kalae Oio Beach Park   Kaaawa
Kalama Beach Park   Kailua
Kaluanui Beach   Punaluu
Kaunala Beach   North Shore
Kaupo Beach Park   Waimanalo
Kawaikui Beach Park   Aina Haina
Keaau Beach Park   Makaha
Kokololio Beach Park   Hauula
Kualoa Regional Park   Kualoa
Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park   Kualoa
Kuliouou Beach Park   Kuliouou
Laie Beach Park   Laie
Laniakea Beach   North Shore
Lualualei Beach Park   Waianae
Maili Beach Park   Maili
Makaha Beach Park   Makaha
Makapuu Beach Park   Kokohead
Makaua Beach Park   Kaaawa
Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park   Waianae
Mokuleia Beach Park   Waianae
Nanaikapono Beach   Nanakuli
Nanakuli Beach Park   Nanakuli
Oneula Beach Park   Ewa Beach
Papailoa Beach   North Shore
Pokai Bay Beach   Waianae
Pounders Beach   Laie
Punaluu Beach   Punaluu
Sandy Beach Park   Waimanalo
Sans Souci Beach   Waikiki
Tracks Beach Park   Waianae
Ulehawa Beach Park   Nanakuli
Waiahole Beach Park   Waiahole
Waialae Beach Park   Kahala
Waialee Beach Park   North Shore
Wailupe Beach Park   Kahala
Waimanalo Bay Beach Park   Waimanalo
Waimanalo Beach   Waimanalo
Waimanalo Beach Park   Waimanalo
Waimea Bay Beach Park   Waimea Bay
Wawamalu Beach   Kokohead
ALLOWED in All Areas Below the Retaining Wall
Diamond Head Beach Park   Diamond Head
ALLOWED in All Areas Below the Seawall
Leahi Beach Park   Diamond Head
Laenani Park Beach   Kahaluu
Makalei Beach Park   Diamond Head
Swanzy Beach Park   Kaaawa
Ala Moana Beach   Ala Moana
Banzai Beach   North Shore
Banzai Rock Beach Park   North Shore
Ehukai Beach   North Shore
Ehukai Beach Park   North Shore
Fort Kamehameha Beach   Hickam
Hickam Harbor Beach   Hickam
Iroquois Beach   Hickam
Kaena Point State Park Beach   Makua
Kahana Valley State Park Beach   Kahana
Kapiolani Park Beach   Waikiki
Ko Olina Lagoons   Kapolei
Kuhio Beach   Waikiki
Kuhio Beach Park   Waikiki
Magic Island Beach   Ala Moana
Malaekahana State Park   Laie
Nimitz Beach   Barbers Point
Pupukea Beach   North Shore
Pupukea Beach Park   North Shore
Queen’s Surf Beach   Waikiki
Sand Island State Park Beach   Sand Island
Sunset Beach   North Shore
Sunset Beach Park   North Shore
Sunset Point Beach Park   North Shore
Waikiki Beach Center   Waikiki
Yokohama Bay Beach   Makua